Monday Wake Up

Weeks are starting to fly by faster and faster it seems like. I can’t believe it’s already the Monday before the Echo Conference. As I’ve written about before, Echo is by far my favorite conference of the year. It feels like a family reunion each year for all of us church communication and media peeps. It’s so fun to catch up with friends and meet new ones. As far as I know, it’s not too late to register.  And as usual, I’ll be liveblogging and doing video interviews for the Social Church, so make sure you stay tuned here on the blog and check out for video interviews and podcast episodes. Last year I had the opportunity to interview some awesome peeps like John Saddington, Lindsey Nobles, and Jerod Clark, and hoping that this year will be even better!

Like I’ve said several times, if you’re going to be at Echo and would like to meetup, just let me know. Always love meeting new peeps face to face and hearing about what you’re up to. Also my friends at the CFCC and Church Marketing Sucks blog will be there, and they’re hosting a special meetup that you won’t want to miss. Visit their booth for more details.

Well the summer seems to be flying by, and one indicator of that is an event that we host at Park every year called Park Summer Fest. We baptize people at Lake Michigan in the morning, then hold one service across all of our campuses, and cap off the day with a celebratory festival in a local Chicago park. In my 7 years at Park, this has definitely become one of my favorite days of the entire year, as we’re able to celebrate the expression of new life through baptism, then worship and celebrate together as one community. This has also become one of our busiest days online and in social media. Yesterday was no exception. It’s been cool to see that with the evolution of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, how all of these tools can work together. Hashtags played a big part in the day, and now that they are functional across all 3 major social networks, we are able to collect pictures and tweets much easier. Checkout this tagboard for some of the highlights from the day. I’ll be blogging more about this soon.

One of my favorite pics from the day!

One of my favorite pics from the day!

In Later News…

  • In case you hadn’t noticed, Twitter quietly released an analytics feature for all accounts. It’s a little hidden though, so here are some helpful tips to pay attention to when reading Twitter analytics. Check it out. Do you see these Twitter analytics being helpful for your church’s Twitter profile?
  • I believe that part of learning and growing is talking to other smart people. Here is an interesting article about how to pick the brains of busy people without them even realizing it. Check it out.
  • My fellow Cincinnati-ian Phil Bowdle wrote a great post recently about the forgotten role of church communicators and some great questions that need to be asked when addressing certain challenges. Does any of this resonate with you? Check it out.

How’s your summer been going?

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