Monday Wake Up

Summer isn’t officially here yet, but it started to feel a bit like summer here in Chicago over the weekend. I took ol’ blue (my bike) out for his first ride of the season and it was absolutely glorious. There is no rush quite like the one you get when you’re on a two-wheeled moving object weaving through cars in downtown Chicago. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you might want to give it a try.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 8.44.18 AM

Also, over the weekend I found out that my real name is Joshua Keven Burns, and not Joshua Kevin Burns like I’ve been told my entire life. I’m having a bit of an identity crisis.

This week I’m hustling and prepping to attend my fifth wedding of the season in Nashville. If you’re in that great city and want to grab coffee, let me know.

In Later News…

  • Apple is holding their annual WWDC Keynote today. Everyone knows they’ll be previewing the new iOS 7, but what else does Apple have up its sleeve? They’re live-streaming the keynote, so I can’t wait to see!
  • Jeff Goins recently wrote a post giving 3 reasons why you should travel when you’re young. I totally agree with it. Turns out it got a TON of traffic, and so he wrote a follow-up post about fame. I love Jeff’s thoughts here.
  • I believe one of the things that churches struggle with most is celebrating wins. It’s so easy to get focused on the ‘next weekend’ that we forget about the wins that God has had through our ministry. Just Lathrop wrote a good post talking about why teams should celebrate wins. Do you struggle with this on your team?
  • I love to learn from other businesses and organizations about how they’re using social media. GE was featured recently for their social media strategy, but it’s in a beautiful infographic. Check it out. How much of this do you have laid out for your church?
  • Open office workspace is all the rage now in startups and businesses, but this is one of the few articles I’ve read that actually takes somewhat of an opposing view to them. Or at least it presents some interesting stats and realities. Do you work in an open office space? What are your thoughts?

Speaking of weddings…I was a groomsmen in a wedding last weekend, and there were some pretty amazing things about this church. One of which I found the most amusing was the name of the Wifi network. Check it out below…any good password suggestions?


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