Trial & Error in Church Social Media

Did you know that 80% of social media success is trial and error. Just kidding. I made that up. But I’m not lying when I say that a large amount of what you will learn in using social media for your church is trial and error. You can read all the social media books you want, and listen to all of the social media ‘experts’, but until you actually sit down at your computer and create that Facebook post, or tweet, you’ll never really know what works and what doesn’t work for your community.


The reality is, every context, and every church is different, and you can only learn so much by reading others, before you actually practice the things you’ve been learning.

Now, I would be lying if I said that there weren’t social media principles for churches that are true most of the time, but again, go try it yourself. And that’s why this blog exists. I have new experiences every day that I feel are worth sharing with you, so you can avoid some of the time that it takes to do this well.

We’re paving new ground every day with social media, and new things are being discovered every day. For me to say that I have it all figured out would be ridiculous, which is why I want to hear from you too.

What are you learning about social media in your church?
What questions do you have?

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