Session 6: Dr. Zhao Xiao

A prominent Chinese economist, Dr. Zhao Xiao was commissioned by his government to study the success of the American economy. He concluded that a moral foundation allowed the economy to flourish, argued that China’s economy would benefit from the spread of the Christian faith, and embraced Christianity himself. He continues to be a respected scholar and government advisor, speaking openly about the influence of Christianity on economics. Our first non-English speaking faculty member, he will lean on a gifted translator to share his thoughts on the relationship between morality and a market economy, the state of the Church in China, and the challenges of leadership as a Christian in a secular Communist country.

Bless Today’s China, Bless Tomorrow’s World

  • There are 3 premiere platforms in the world
    • Economics
    • Politics
    • Sports
    • Faith – On this stage you rarely saw Chinese, but now China has come back.
  • Leadership is not just influence, but leadership is also about right direction. If you lead people from here to there in the wrong direction then what are you going to do?
  • In the past 2000 years the most significant changes have come from Christ, and change has spread.
  • In the pat 1000 years the most significant change has come from Martin Luther.
  • In the past 500 years the most significant change is the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.
  • Where is the significant change and direction that we are going to go today?
  • The most significant thing in the 20th century is not the war, it is the rise of China, because that will influence the future centuries. So from 500 years later we look back at the changes in China.
  • But I do not agree with the saying “rise up”, but instead that China has “come back.”
  • In early 2010 China took the 3rd largest economy, at the end of this year China will surpass Japan and become the 2nd largest economic body in the world. In 10 years China will surpass America, and become the largest economic body in the world. Should we say this is China’s “rise up,” I think more appropriately it is China’s “come back.”
  • This does not mean that China will naturally obtain the perfect leadership. Actually China has encountered much challenge in this area.
  • For example, environmental pollution. 1/3 of the land is polluted.
    • Also there are resource challenges
    • Political system challenges
    • Invisible challenges as well
    • Moral value challenges – more severe
    • If China can only produce TV sets, but not TV programs, if China does not have the power to export value, then they will not become a superpower.
    • There is no such thing as a China dream, there is no country that willingly follows China. America, can become the leader of the whole world, and there is an American dream. Not just cars, and houses, but American values. Many people around the world love Americans because of the values behind the people. China should go beyond just economic growth, and go towards value growth.
    • China should embrace the most advanced and good cultures from the world, and learn from the best values of the world.
    • China should learn from the Christian values. I am very happy that China has gone through some centuries in this area.
  • Matteo Ricci
  • In 18th and 19th Century Robert Morrison
  • In 19th and 20th Century Eric Liddell dedicated his life to the Chinese
  • After 1949 all the overseas missionaries had to leave the country.
  • It may take 1000 years for the Chinese church to recover back to the point it was in 1949.
  • In China, life transformation has much surpassed economic transformation. China will become the largest nation with a Christian population. And we pray that China will be the largest sending nation.

There are two transformations in the world:

  • Transformation with the cross
  • Transformation without the cross
  • In Europe transformation first happened with the cross.
  • In America transformation first happened with the cross.
  • Today, the transformation with the cross has come.
  • China’s culture is never a static thing, it is a dynamic growth process.
  • China is forming a harmonious society. The most important part of this is broader love. If we take away the unconditional love from Christ, then there is no possible way we can build a harmonious society.
  • What should a Christian businessman do?
    • Not have two accounting books. One fake book (laughs). You laugh because it seems like a simple thing, but in China it is not a simple thing. People are selfish and greedy.
  • A Chinese “Mayflower” has set sail, and comes to America. Chinese Christians have come on board with invisible “Mayflower.” Chine: A new city on a hill, a nation of integrity, a blessing to the world. Empowering servant leaders to be salt and light in China through commerce, culture and education, to renew China and help her to bless the world.
  • As an economist I have encountered many foreigners who ask two questions: Will China’s economy to grow or collapse? And will China’s come back be good for the world?
    • If China’s life grows along with the finances, then it will bless the world.
  • China has maintained good relationships with many countries, especially countries in the middle east. If country continues this then it will be good for China to practice their leadership.
  • Now we have quantities, but less qualities.
  • I want to invite you around the globe, into the Chinese transformation with the cross, and to bless this process. Westerners, please remove your fear from China, and continue to support China. You could help Chinese grow and become mature, and help them love God more. Show them how to live a Godly life. How to give generously, how to love their neighbors more. How to go from church to society. And to help China become a harmonious society someday.
  • China has to come back.
  • God has given each of us opportunity to influence today’s China, and to influence tomorrow’s world.
  • Bless today’s China, which means to bless tomorrow’s world.

“Personally my dream, I am expecting The Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit to one day be held in China.”

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