Session 3: Christine Caine

Known for her ability to communicate profound messages of hope and inspiration, Christine Caine has a heart for reaching the lost, strengthening leadership, championing the cause of justice, and building the local church globally. Part of the leadership team and pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia for 20 years, she also directs Equip & Empower Ministries. Recently she founded The A21 Campaign, an organization dedicated to the care and healing of victims of human trafficking. An avid believer in the hope-giving power of the local church, she is the author of A Life Unleashed, Stop Acting Like a Christian—Just Be OneRun To Win, and her latest book, Can I Have (and do) It All, Please?

Don’t Lose Hope

  • Story about her encounter with a girl that had been in the sex slave trade.
  • She tells the girl that there is a God that loves her. The girl asks “If this is true then why didn’t you come and help me?”
  • Christine says, I don’t know.
  • This is our time as greatest potential, because we serve a God of new beginnings, a God of a second chance.
  • As church leaders, as community leaders, as business leaders, we have a responsibility to lead people into hope.
  • Christine talks about her life growing up. She wasn’t encouraged to do anything other than grow-up, marry, and have kids.
  • She was abused by many men.
  • When she was 32 she found out she was adopted. Every fact in her life changed at that point. Although she doesn’t know the facts about her conception, she can still have hope because she knows the truth of God’s Word. It says that we are his workmanship. She is convinced that if God could do it for her than He could do it for anyone.
  • How do you keep the inspiration alive? You keep focusing on The One (God).
  • If we come up with these big numbers, and goals, then we could miss it, because numbers are dehumanizing. Numbers are faceless.
  • You do what you want from passion, no one has to force you to do it. It is a passionate hope that Jesus can and does work in people’s lives.
  • You need hope to step out and take a risk. Many times we pray for a sign, and miracle, but then we avoid the opportunity of a sign when it comes.
  • We don’t need to fear the world, the hope we have inside us compels us to go into the darkness.
  • The purpose of light, is not to be scared of poverty, and injustice, it is to take the light inside us and take it and penetrate the darkness. That is the job of the church.
  • You may not feel like you have much hope, but don’t lose hope today.
  • Zechariah 12:9
  • Our hope doesn’t lie in the size of our churches, or budget, or who we know, our hope lies in this fact, that Jesus came from heaven to earth, died on the cross, and rose again, and gave us a second chance. Our hope lies in Jesus.
  • Phillipines 1:6, “Jesus that started this awesome work in us, shall bring it to completion in us.”

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