Move Beyond Your Church Brand in Social Media

Many times when using social media for our church we think that we’ve reached the goal when we have a large number of followers and many people interacting with our church brand online. What we often don’t realize is that people eventually want to interact with a real person.

Don’t stop at using social media for your church as an organization. Use social media as a staff and as leadership in your church. A faceless church brand will only take people so far on social media. They will eventually want to interact with a real person, with a name, and a face. This of course happens in face-to-face interactions, but it’s important to make this happen online as well.

As the person in your church who manages the communications, and social media it is our responsibility to train our staff and leaders to be present in these different online mediums. Explain the “Why?” behind the “How?” and then show them what to do.

  • Explain that it can only take 10 minutes everyday.
  • Show them how to scroll through their Facebook newsfeed, and interact with a couple people everyday.
  • Show them how to tweet once or twice a day, and reply to people that tweet them.

How are you training your staff and leadership to use social media for themselves?

This will help take your social media presence beyond your church’s brand and create real interaction with real people.

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