Church Social Media to Provide Value

Many times when we think about social media in the church we’re thinking about how to provide value for people, but subconsciously we’re probably thinking more about how to provide value for ourselves as a church brand. How can we get hundreds of people to showup to this event? Or how can we get hundreds or thousands of views of this sermon on vimeo? I want to pose a tactic that may be overlooked many times when thinking through your church social media strategy.

How does my church provide value to people through social media?

This single question can help inform what type of content you post on social media, and how you post it. When you change your mindset from how can my church brand gain value to how can our people gain value then people will begin to interact with you online.

Think about it. When you follow a person or brand on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook it is because you’re expecting them to add some value to your experience online. So why should the church be any different? Why would someone follow your church, or “Like” them on Facebook if you’re not going to add any value to their online experience?

So what does it look like to add value to someone’s online experience?

1. Meet them in their context. This means that you must post content that is contextual to your church. My church is located in downtown Chicago, so often I will post content that is contextual for the city of Chicago. This could be related to the weather, or an event happening in the city.

Context doesn’t just refer to location though. It could refer to the time of month, or holidays, etc. Yes, it is good to schedule your social media posts, but make sure you leave some room for spontaneous contextual posts as well.

2. Spiritual encouragement. More than likely, since you are a church, people will be seeking spiritual encouragement from you online. At least in my experience, the posts that get the most sharing and interaction are those that are spiritually encouraging or challenging. How is your social media presence as a church providing spiritual value?

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If you can answer some of these key questions in your social media strategy as a church then you’ll be well on your way to creating some great online community that will hopefully be an extension of face-to-face relationships taking place within your church. And as always keep all of this in mind with the ultimate goal of seeing people enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How is your church’s social media presence providing value?

What are some good ideas for contextual posts?

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