App of the Week – Socialcam

I believe one of the most important pieces of content that you can be creating and distributing as a church these days is video. Video allows you to capture a moment, in a way that a photo, or written text cannot. And thankfully video is becoming more and more easy to capture and share almost immediately from wherever you are. And after all, we do watch 4 billion hours of YouTube videos every month, so what should the church’s voice be in this space?

There are a couple different social video apps that have come on the scene recently, but the one that I have found most useful is called Socialcam.

What is Socialcam?

You could almost say that Socialcam is the Instagram of video apps. It is a social video sharing app that allows you to quickly capture a video from your mobile phone, put a filter over it, insert a cool title text animation, and overlay background music then share it with your connected networks such as Facebook and Twitter, all from within the app. Pretty crazy!

From the Socialcam website…

Socialcam is the easiest way to take and share videos…Create videos of any length with custom filters. Videos stored in the cloud & viewable from any device. Share to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email, SMS. Easy to browse feed of your friend’s videos.

3 Reasons your church should use Socialcam to share video

  1. It’s immediate- You never know when something crazy is about to happen and you only have a couple seconds to capture it. With Socialcam you can either record a video from the camera app on your phone and import it to Socialcam, or snap a quick video through the app and have it available there immediately to edit, manipulate, and share. I actually shot a short video at our annual baptism in Lake Michigan this past year, edited it, and shared it over Facebook and Twitter while I was standing on the beach.

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  2. Video is personal and real – People crave authenticity and personality as much as possible online. Video is just another way to make your church’s social media presence personal and real. People can connect with it and will attach themselves to it.
  3. Quality – With the quality of cameras these days in our mobile phones you can share a video that doesn’t look like it was shot on a phone. You can share videos that people will actually enjoy watching. Socialcam just enhances this experience by giving you the ability to add a nice filter, title text animation, and background music. All of these things make the experience of watching a video more enjoyable, and enhance the quality of your presence online.

If your church hasn’t begun to share these types of guerilla videos shot on your phone with you social networks then I would highly encourage you to give it a try. I would start out with an event like a baptism, or a greeting from one of your pastors. Get creative with it. Give people an aspect of something that they might not normally see on a typical day, whether this is a greeting from your pastor in the office, or a view of a baptism from a different perspective.

This gives you another opportunity to create content that people can engage with and share with their communities. It offers a less produced piece of content that they may not be used to seeing from you as a church, which can be good. It can show an amount of vulnerability that is healthy in your social media presence. So give it a try.

Have you used Socialcam for your church to share video?

Why or why not?

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