App of the Week – Instagram

This week my app pick is one that you probably all have, and if you don’t have it then you’re either late to the party, or you just despise seeing photos run through vintage filters. To be honest, that is all I thought Instagram was when it was first released. I would see people post pictures of vintage food, or vintage sunrises, or vintage cups of coffee. Basically I just attached the word “vintage” to every Instagram photo I saw, because that was the only word I knew to describe it.


Then when I finally downloaded it after it had been released for over a year, I realized what all the hype was about. It wasn’t just about the ‘vintage’ filters, and the cool polaroid frames, it was about sharing photos with a community of users. At first the community was small, which I think is one of the reasons I saw little use for the app, but then more and more of my friends began to use it, and then the network effect took place. I came to the party because all of my friends were at the party.

Now Instagram is a common app to see on the home screen of people’s iPhones and Androids. And don’t forget, the app was purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars! Glad to know all of us users were worth something :)

Why is this app important for churches?

As I referenced recently, we are now in the visual era of social media. People connect and communicate with images.

So if the community in your church is on Instagram then I would definitely consider the value that your church could have in creating an account and using it to communicate through images.

At Park we have found great success in sharing images in Instagram. And when you combine Instagram with the Over app, it can be explosive.

A question to ask yourself…

How can I be intentional in communicating a message when sharing an image? This could be through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, but I think we need to be sharing images with more intentionality, especially when it comes from a church.

Is your church on Instagram?

Why or why not?

Leave a comment below…

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