Church Web Solutions, Pt. 3: Ekklesia360

This is part 3 in a series on website solutions for churches. I started the series by talking about what it could look like for a church on a limited budget to host their website entirely on Facebook. Then I talked about a great turn-key solution called Clover. Today I want to talk about Ekklesia360, which is a service that is part of Monk Development. I may go back and forth between referring to Ekklesia360 and Monk Development in this post. Just know that Ekklesia360 is simply a product of MonkDev.

Ekklesia360 is a Content Management System that is custom built uniquely for churches. Sounds good, right?

Well it gets better

MonkDev now not only offers a CMS solution, but they can do the whole shebang. They not only can design a site for you, and offer a CMS, but they will come alongside and examine who you are as a church. What are your needs, and what kind of site can best suit those needs? MonkDev can help you answer these questions, then design a site that is best suited for your church.

The great part is that they’re continuing to make improvements and develop their products all the time.

Just last week they released an update to Ekklesia360 that allows you to create a beautiful staff page for your church.

Icing on the cake

They also will create a mobile version of your site! They’ll incorporate your branding, and make it iOS or Android friendly. With the increasing web usage coming from mobile devices you know how important it is to have a mobile version of your site. This is crucial!

One more thing…

MonkDev just released a product similar to other services that are built for churches on a tighter budget. It is called Instasite, and you can get started for just $1,000 which is pretty dang good.

So all in all MonkDev and the services they offer, like Ekklesia360 are awesome! Disclaimer: We do use Ekklesia360 as our CMS and MonkDev’s design services here at Park, but I’m not being paid to write this post (although I will accept cookies).

Hey, that’s us!

From their website…

If you need a beautiful website & the tools that help you care for your people & reach more in your community; all supported by leading ministry thinkers, you’ve come to the right place!

What questions can I answer about church website solutions?

What CMS or website solution are you using at your church?

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