Online Video for Your Church

An article was just written yesterday releasing the statistic that “We now watch 4 billion hours of YouTube videos per month.”

4 billion hours! That’s crazy!

So what does this mean? This means that people are now consuming more video online than they are through their computer screens and mobile devices than they are through their TV. And it’s not just video, it’s social, shareable video.

If you like a video that you watch on YouTube, what is usually one of the first things you do? Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or some other network. Or many times I’ll watch a video that reminds me of one of my friends so I’ll then post it on their wall on Facebook.

So how are we as the church utilizing online video? Yes, there’s the usual suspects, posting our sermons online, creating sermon bumpers, posting those online, etc. But I think we need to get more creative with these videos. Use them to create personal connections with very specific people.¬†Or just create very guerrilla type videos that will give people a laugh, or just give people an inside look into your church or staff. Or create videos that people would want to share with their friends that engage their minds in culture, and not just people within the church (Vince Marotte likes to call this “front-door content”). Or what if your pastor got behind a webcam once/week and just talked to your church?

These are just some ideas. They may be bad ideas, they may be good ideas, but I do know one thing for sure that we as the church need to engage in this online video medium in new and interesting ways.

In what ways has your church engaged in online video?

What ideas have you seen work? And what ideas have you seen not work?

Leave a comment below…

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