#Echo12 :: You are not a tool – Blaine Hogan

As an actor, author of the recent book, UNTITLED: Thoughts on the Creative Process, and creative director at Willow Creek Community Church, Blaine is a maker of things. He lives with his wife, Margaret, and their daughter, Ruby, just outside of Chicago.




  • You are not a tool
    • I’m afraid that we don’t believe that God is in this space.
    • We don’t believe that God wants to remake the world.
    • Relax and Breathe
    • Be present, rest, pray.
    • These are things that artists can uniquely lead others in.
    • If the artists don’t lead others in relaxing and breathing then who will?
    • Embrace the obstacles
    • We don’t actually believe that the obstacle will bring us to a better place.
    • Do we see obstacles as mysteries to be solved, or battles to be won?
    • From the inside out
    • Ask myself two questions: What is God doing in me? How does God want me to use that to communicate to the community?
    • You can’t take anyone farther than you’ve gone yourself.
    • Every week you’re inviting your community into the deepest darkest places of their souls.
    • You must need it more than they do
    • The best work that I make is when I’m not making it for them, but I’m making it for me. I need the gospel more than they do.
    • If we’re going to try to make things that function more as art, we must ask ourselves, “What am I really making?”
    • The product or things we make are not art. The art is the process.

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