SCTV :: Echo 2012 Special – John Saddington

This week if you can’t tell my from my incessant tweets and blog posts, I am at the Echo Conference 2012 in Dallas, TX. This is my fourth year here at Echo and every year it just gets better and better. I like to see it as a big family reunion. The one time each year where all of us church geeks get together and have a good time.

This year I’m doing some interviews with some leaders in the church, talking about social media and what role it has played for them. Today I had the opportunity to interview John Saddington (@tentblogger), founder of 8bit, Standard Theme, and a bunch of other awesome stuff!

See what he has to say about the future of social media for the church…

¬†What do you think about John’s thoughts on technology in the church?

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