Facebook Timeline for your Church

Well it’s finally here! Facebook Timeline for brand pages. I’ve been thinking about this for a while…the implications of Facebook Timeline for a church’s Facebook Page. Ever since Facebook Timeline was released for our personal profiles I have been drooling over this feature for brand pages. How awesome would it be to tell the story of your church, and how God has worked over the years with this awesome tool? Well now you can.

The Details

You can upgrade your church’s Facebook Page to the new Facebook Timeline right now, and you will have the option to setup the page to make it look good, and then it will be forced to go live on March 30. Or you can just upgrade today and publish the new page.

The Facebook Timeline Brand Pages will have the same features as personal profile timelines…the ability to add a cover photo, scroll through the page explore the life of your church on Facebook.

One thing you should know is that Facebook Timeline takes away the ability for you to set an app as your default landing page (a bit unfortunate), but I think the features of Timeline are worth it.


Timeline adds the ability to pin posts to the top of your Timeline for one week.

Also, (and I think this one is huge) Timeline gives the ability to privately message someone from inside your page. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished this feature was available. Anytime someone asks for information about Park or a class, etc. that is better to be sent over a private message I’ve had to send them a message through my personal profile and explain who I am and then give them the information they wanted. This feature is going to be nice.

All of these features and more can be found in the TechCrunch article that broke the story this morning.

Your Church’s Story

I don’t know about you, but to me I think this is going to be great for any church who is looking for new ways to tell their story. The fact that I can go back and add photos from back in the 80’s when Park was founded is awesome. It will even give our current attendees a better perspective on our church, and where we have been, and how that steers the vision for the future.

2.29.12, 5 PM, Update: TechCrunch just posted another article with more details on how to use Timeline for Pages. Check it out.

Are you going to upgrade your church to Facebook Timeline to get a preview?

What advantages or disadvantages does this incur for your church’s Facebook Page?

Leave a comment below…

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