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If you’ve been paying attention to social media news lately you’ve probably heard a lot about the website called Pinterest. One could quickly explain Pinterest as a virtual pinboard for things you find on the internet. I know, it sounds simple and pointless, but after using it for a while it is actually surprisingly addicting. It might take a little while to figure out the practical usefulness of the website, but that’s why I’m here :)

First, some stats…

Since Pinterest launched in March 2010 they have grown to almost 11 million users while still being in invitation only open-beta. Yes, that’s right, they are still invitation only!

It has been reported that 97% of Pinterest users are women. 97% of users are women! This is a good thing to keep in mind when posting content.

It has also been reported that Pinterest is driving more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, and Myspace combined!

What is Pinterest?

  • Pinterest is an online pin-board for things that interest you.
  • Pinterest is VISUAL.
  • Pinterest is a content water cooler.
  • Pinterest is currently invite only (if you need an invite just let me know).

Should your church use it?

Now you should know me well enough by now that I’m not one to just recommend that your church should hop on every new social network out there just because its what is hot right now. Context is everything, and if it isn’t right for your context, and if your people aren’t using it, then don’t worry about it. But you should at least explore these new tools, and find out if your people are using them.


If your people are using Pinterest then you definitely need to create an account for your church.

How can your church use Pinterest?

Your church can use Pinterest in a couple different ways.

  • As a church you can create different pin-boards that can be focused on different things. Here are a few examples:
  • Sermon Series
  • Book Lists
  • Blog Posts

But what I’m really excited about is the opportunity that this gives churches to really be engaged in design and culture. Your church could create an architecture pin-board, or a photography pin-board, or a design pin-board. All of these things which are very visual but also point back to Jesus in some way. For example, Park is doing a photography exhibit for Good Friday and Easter and this would be a great use-case for Pinterest.

Another good idea I had was to create a pin-board for the neighborhood your church is located in. Or if you have multiple campuses. For us at Park, Chicago is a very multicultural city, so each neighborhood has it’s own feel and style. For Park we can create different pin-boards for different neighborhoods that could include restaurants, cafes, or other cool spots for people to visit and engage with their neighborhood.


Again, I cannot stress enough how visual Pinterest is. Pinterest will force you to become much more visual and design savvy if you plan on using it for your church (which is a good thing!). In each of these ideas there are visual aspects, and that is what you need to remember.

An example of a church that is using Pinterest well is Mars Hill. So if you need any ideas before you launch Pinterest at your own church check out how Mars Hill is using it.  Tim Schraeder also did a great interview with Jake Johnson from Mars Hill over at Church Marketing Sucks about their use of Pinterest, check it out!

And if you need an invite, just let me know. I’ve still got some to go around.

Are you using Pinterest at your church?

Do you think churches should use Pinterest?

What other ways do you think churches could use this platform?

Let me know by leaving a comment…

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  1. Josh Burns says:

    Pinterest is all the rage. Here are some good ways to use it for your church –

  2. Pretty cool ideas. Ways to use Pinterest for your church. RT @jburno:

  3. Brian Barela says:

    'Pinterest will force you to become much more visual and design savvy if you plan on using it for your church' @jburno

  4. Amy Bishop says:

    'Pinterest will force you to become much more visual and design savvy if you plan on using it for your church' @jburno

  5. Chris Hall says:

    'Pinterest will force you to become much more visual and design savvy if you plan on using it for your church' @jburno

  6. Josh Burns says:

    Should you be using Pinterest for your church? What do you think? Here are some of my thoughts –

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  8. Wes Roberts says:

    Hey…Josh! Thanks for sending me your posts. Keep ‘em coming!

    Two questions: is this good for only churches? Or what other organizational uses are possible?

    No hurry on getting me answers…just curious.



    1. Josh Burns says:

      Hey Wes! Glad you’re enjoying the posts.

      Yes, this could definitely be used for other organizations. It’s great for visual lists. Our good friend Mike at David C. Cook has been using it for reading book lists.

      It is great for anything visual or types of photography.

      Does that answer your question? Good stuff.

      Thanks for reading Wes!

  9. Full disclosure: I’m the founder of the weekly Twitter-based church social media (#chsocm) chat held on Tuesdays at 9PM ET. You and your readers might be interested in reading a couple of posts and scanning through the transcript of February 14th’s chat, focused on Pinterest for churches:

    After that chat, I went ahead and set up a few boards, some of which allow #chsocm chat regulars to post images. The most popular ones seem to be church windows, Stations of the Cross, and Jesus the Christ. No surprise there, eh? Take a peek:

    1. Josh Burns says:

      I’ll have to take a look at the chat. Thanks for posting the link! I always love getting in on #chsocm, but unfortunately I’ve missed the past couple. I’m sure there’s some great thoughts there.

  10. paul brose says:

    'Pinterest will force you to become much more visual and design savvy if you plan on using it for your church' @jburno

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  12. Kelly Ping says:

    I’d love a pinterest invite for our church if you still have any more. Thanks!

    1. Josh Burns says:

      Hey Kelly!

      I just sent an invite to your email. I also sent you a helpful tip in the invite when you are using it for your church.

      Hope it goes well for you!

  13. Rick Denomme says:

    How to spread the Good News with Pinterest for Churches

  14. Deb Meyer says:

    I have set up a page titled, Creative Church Stuff, and filled it with pictures of set designs and other creative church resources.

  15. Josh Burns says:

    That's awesome Deb. Would love to check it out. Send me a link :)

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