JSquared Episode 22 – The Resurrection

For those of you who didn’t know, myself and one of my good friends, Josh Puckett used to have a podcast. Unfortunately because of the craziness of life we have not been able to produce an episode for over 2 years, until today!

The JSquared Podcast is back in action and we are pumped! This is our episode 22 and we discuss a wide range of topics from movies, to tech news and everything in between. You may or may not be thoroughly entertained by this show, but we hope you’ll check us out.

For those of you who listened to us in the past, we are still debating as to whether we should upload the old episodes. Are they worth it? It is actually hilarious to go back and listen to them, but what do you think? Anyways, listen to Episode 22 – The Resurrection below…

You can also, download the audio. We will be iTunes soon, so sit tight!

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