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Welcome to the new and improved “Rework”ed

I wanted to kickoff my new blog with a BANG, so I’m going to give a quick review of the book Rework that I have read recently, and then when you are done reading the post one of you lucky peeps will WIN a copy of the book. So keep reading to find out how.

So after much hassling from a friend, I finally caved to the pressure and picked up a copy of the book Rework, and I am sure glad I did.

Firstly, all the great content aside, the writing style of the book is absolutely brilliant. It is written in short essay form for each chapter. And instead of chapter number and titles, each chapter just has a title with a cool full-page illustration. This keeps the mind engaged, and distracted from how far you are in the progress of the book. I sat down for 3 hours and made it about 3/4 through the book. It is great content, but very easy reading. One of the easiest, relaxing, and engaging book I have ever read. So that is a great perk, aside from all the great content contained within the book.

Now onto the actual content.

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson are the founders of the web company 37Signals. They created project management, and business management software such as Basecamp, Highrise, and Campfire, all of which are used by millions of people worldwide.

These guys put a big focus on the importance of maintaining a small business (such as # of employees) while expanding your customer base and selling your product. In the business world today those two statements may seem contradictory, but the authors tell you to throw out all of your perceptions of business, and to forget about the real world. You can run a business and be successful without hiring 100 employees.

Jason and David throw out helpful tips and principles throughout the whole book. Another one is, “Don’t pay too much attention to small complaints.” If something is really wrong with your product then you will hear about it from enough people. Also, “Meetings are toxic.” They go on to explain how most meetings are huge time-wasters.

So things like this, as well as a wealth of other great principles can be found in this book.

The other great thing is that this book was part of the inspiration behind the forthcoming OUTSPOKEN: Conversations on Church Communications book.

While reading this book, I would encourage you to think about how the principles can be transferred to your church communications department. In fact my friend Tim Schraeder wrote a great blog post on REWORK-ing Church Communications, so go check that out, but not before you enter to win a copy of REWORK below.

What do you think needs to be REWORKed in the way you communicate in your church?

Now for the fun part…

I am giving away a copy of Rework… Here’s how to win…

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  3. Check back at 1PM CST on Monday 7/26 as I choose someone at random.

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