When You Wake Up

Recently I read a blog post from Seth Godin talking about the first thing we do when we sit down at the computer (it’s worth the read). He encourages us to not let our first moments be wasted by checking Facebook, Twitter, and email, but instead write down ideas that you have. When I first read this I didn’t think much of it. But I’m going to take it a step further and say that the first moments when you wake up are crucial.

Today is Saturday. If I don’t have plans on a Saturday morning, my normal routine is to sleep-in, wake up, lay in bed for a couple minutes thinking about things, and then get up and check my online social outlets. Today though, I did something different. I woke up, laid in bed thinking about things, and a couple ideas came to mind. I got out of bed and instead of reaching for my laptop, I reached for my notebook. I quickly scribbled down these ideas, then spent some time with God, then picked up my laptop started executing one of those ideas immediately (hence this blog post).

So it turns out that time between getting out of bed and checking Facebook is crucial. If I wouldn’t have recorded those ideas then I probably would have ended up forgetting at least one of them, and trying to remember the rest.

What is the first thing you do when waking up in the morning?

Do you think trying this will help your idea process?

Leave a comment below…

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