Email, Passivity & The Gospel

You all already know my hate for email, but sometimes I find myself constantly checking my email at work. Or I’ll start my day with a full inbox, spend some serious time going through, answering emails and completing requests that come in through email, and then when my inbox is empty I find myself wasting time (GASP! Josh, you waste time at work?). Not alot, but I will admit that every once and a while, I do find myself taking a bit of an extended break after finishing a big project or answering alot of emails.

Passivity vs. Proactivity

What I’ve found is that this leads to passivity as opposed to proactivity. Passivity is saying, “I’ll wait until someone emails me about a problem on the website, or for a request of a project.” As opposed to proactivity which says, “I’m going to foresee this problem happening, so I’m going to fix it before it goes live.” or “I think this would be valuable for a ministry to have, so I’m going to go ahead and create it before they even see the need for it.”

This is especially easy to do in church communications. I’ve found that sometimes my plate can get so full of projects for every ministry, that sometimes I just do the bare minimum. Or I complete a project that is just good enough, and not excellent.

But this is the exact opposite of what we have been called to do as the church. God has not called us to just be good enough. He has given us the biggest mission known to man, to preach the Gospel. The world is not going to listen to what we have to say if we are doing half-hearted work. If we aren’t putting all that we have into what God has called us to then we are not doing the Gospel justice.

Proactivity, Excellence & The Gospel

Part of being excellent is being proactive. Fixing problems before they arise, going the extra mile to design something that is visually pleasing.

When we do this, we are fulfilling our calling. We are doing the mission that God has set before us.

Be proactive.

Be Excellent.

Preach the Gospel through your work.


What causes you to be passive?

How do you reject this passivity and strive for excellence?

Leave a comment below…

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