Authenticity in Social Media, Pt. 1 – Be Real

When I tell people they need to be authentic in their social media presence sometimes I get some confused looks, and sometimes I get “Well isn’t that obvious?” But it isn’t until I start to explain what authenticity looks like in social media that they realize that it isn’t that obvious and isn’t really true for alot of churches.

So what does it mean to be authentic in social media?

This might seem obvious, but I always repeat two words “Be Real.” 

Being real is a bit more difficult than you might think, especially when dealing with community and relationships online. But I would argue that there is nothing more important for a church’s online presence than being real and having authenticity.

On our website and Facebook page at Park we have a whole page that contains a whole list of other Bible teaching churches in the city of Chicago. This might seem crazy to some. “Why would you encourage people to go to another church?!” Well because we are being real, and we know that we aren’t a good fit for everyone. What is most important is that that person should be in a biblical community, whether it is with us, or somewhere else.

This is just one example of being real online. There are many other practical ways that authenticity should happen online and I will talk more about these in upcoming posts.

One book I am looking forward to reading soon is called Authenticity. Check it out. It deals more with businesses and consumers, but I think many of the principles probably transfer to the church.

How are you authentic in your church’s social media presence?

Is authenticity important to your church’s social media strategy?

I would love to hear your answers below…

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