Social Media Wars

I just realized I still haven’t blogged about Google+ since it’s launch only a couple months ago.

In short, I do think it has potential. There are some cool features, but overall Facebook still takes the cake for me right now. One could argue that Facebook and Google+ have two different purposes. I would disagree.

What I do think is interesting is that every new feature that Facebook has released since the launch of Google+ has been a feature that Google+ beat them to.

Here is a quick list…

  • Video calling – (I don’t think is a direct response to Google+ “Hangouts”, but still ironic nonetheless).
  • Improved sharing privacy settings – Pretty much feature for feature the same thing that Google+ launched with and people loved.
  • And most recently “Lists” – Facebook’s version of Google+ “Circles” where you can group your friends and see feeds based on lists.

The last two features are hilarious considering that Facebook has come out and directly said that these features are not responses to Google+ and that they had been in the works for a while. I believe that with the video calling feature because that partnership with Skype had been in the works for a while, but really Facebook? Those last two features weren’t responses to Google+?

This is very hard to believe especially if you are familiar with the way the engineers at Facebook work. Facebook’s whole philosophy is if someone has an idea and it is good then they’ll implement it as fast as possible. This has been true of Facebook since the beginning (much of why they have gotten in trouble a couple times). So to see these last two features added so recently after Google+ gives me good indication that they saw how successful those features were for Google+ and they just implemented them as fast as possible.

I’m not hatin on Facebook, I just think its funny that they’re saying these features were already in the works. I believe they were already in the works in some form or fashion, but Google+ just gave them a better skin to put on them and more motivation to get them out the door.

I think competition is great. Competition breeds innovation, and that is clearly seen in these last couple feature releases from Facebook. If they didn’t have Google+ breathing down their backs I don’t know if they would’ve been so quick to improve their privacy and other features.

Do you use Google+?

If so, which do you prefer, Google+ or Facebook? (I’m talking just for personal use at this point. Obviously Facebook has the leg up when it comes to brands and pages, but Google+ will be rolling those out soon).

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