#STORY11 :: Lauren Chandler

Lauren Chandler is the wife of Matt Chandler. Matt is the pastor at Village Church in Dallas, TX. Lauren and Matt have a great story. Lauren shares part of their story with us today.
  • I just want to share with you some places I’ve been in my life.
  • So many times I’ve dug different holes in order to build my name. But I’d just be left empty. Maybe the Lord was turning those wells for me into the desert to show me that there is more. To show me that those are not going to satisfy, but only the Lord can satisfy.
  • So I’ve been in the darkness. My story isn’t as dark as others, but we all have darkness and looks different for each of us.
  • I was the good girl. The Christian girl.
  • What I thought was light was actually darkness. I couldn’t see myself clearly, I couldn’t see God clearly. I was so consumed with myself and my self-righteousness.
  • But the Lord showed his light into my heart and exposed me. I was humiliated at first, but I realized that myself wasn’t enough. The light of the Gospel shown even warmer on me. I was able to appreciate the Gospel.
  • Only one can be good enough. The Lord.
  • Some are fools through their sinful ways. I’ve chased the praise of man. I wanted to make much of myself. I would chase those things, but it didn’t fulfill. It made me sick.
  • I didn’t have any appetite for the Lord.
  • I stopped and He just sent forth His Word for me.
  • It hurt to see the depth of my depravity. I can’t bear the weight of the worship I’m going after.
  • I’ve also been in the storm.
  • Thanksgiving 2009 I was getting ready for dinner at my parents house. My husband was in the living room with my 3 kids. I heard a crash. Then I heard silence. My husband is on the ground having a seizure. My two children are on the couch and just confused. I called 911. The ambulance comes. My parents come.
  • I just asked the Lord what was going on. I felt the presence of the Lord with me.
  • We went the ER. And they found a mass. So we had to go see a neural surgeon.
  • So we scheduled surgery.
  • I felt this peace come over me. It was from the Lord saying “I’m with you.”
  • He had the surgery. When he came out he was okay. But slowly his face changed a bit. He was very expressive, but now there was hardly any expression in his face and his voice.
  • And we just finished the last round of chemo.
  • The doctors told us that he had 7-10 years to live.
  • The Lord keeps whispering to me that his steadfast love is enough.
  • There is no other steadfast love like that of Christ.
  • I want to appeal to you to consider the steadfast love of the Lord. Whatever season you are in. Whether you are in the storm, or the desert or anywhere.

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