#STORY11 :: Darren Whitehead

Darren Whitehead currently serves as a Teaching Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, IL. He regularly speaks to over 20,000 attendees through their multiple weekend services. In addition to teaching duties, Darren also leads the Next Gen Ministries and the Creative Arts Departments. WCCC’s innovative, multi-site ministries have made it one of the most attended churches in North America.
  • Seldom do we ever look at this period between Easter and Pentecost. This was a 40 day period.
  • If you only had 40 days to live, how would you spend your time?
  • A study of how Jesus spent his last 40 days is very insightful to the character of God.
  • What Jesus did reveals the tenderness of the heart of God more than any other passage in the New Testament.
  • Sometimes I come to these conferences and I think that God uses the outrageously gifted, but he doesn’t use me.
  • Jesus went after the discouraged in his last 40 days.
  • Have you ever put your hope in something and it didn’t work out like you thought it would and you were just disappointed?
  • Jesus starts chasing the ones who are disappointed. Of all the people he could launch the movement of God with he found the couple of disappointed people. He starts to reveal the centrality of Jesus of what God is trying to do in the world.
  • Jesus went after Thomas. How would you like to be known as the guy who doubts? I’m a doubter.
  • What do we do with those people in the church. We tell them not to talk about it.
  • What is God’s heart towards those who doubt? Jesus goes and finds Thomas, instead of shaming him, he meets him and restores him.
  • He then went after Peter. Peter said he wouldn’t deny Jesus. Then in the moment of testing he denies Jesus. Peter feels like such a failure. He feels disqualified from ministry.
  • Some of us feel like we have failed so much that we have been disqualified from being used by God.
  • Of all the people Jesus could have chosen, he chose a failure.
  • Jesus then finds the disciples afraid. Instead of condemning, he says “Just like the Father sent me, I am sending you.”
  • In the last 40 days that Jesus had on earth he could’ve done any number of high profile things, but he chooses to find people that are disappointed with the way life has turned out, and are afraid.
  • If you are tempted to look at a stage and say “Wow these people are gifted.” I want you to know that of all the people Jesus could choose, he chooses failures, and people who are afraid.
  • People just like you and me.

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