#STORY11 :: Bethany Hoang

Bethany Hoang serves as the Director of the IJM Institute (www.ijminstitute.org) at International Justice Mission. Bethany travels globally, speaking and teaching to thousands on behalf of IJM. As Director of the IJM Institute, Bethany is responsible for equipping leaders of the global church and academic communities with tools and resources for bringing others into a deeper level of understanding, passion, and commitment to seeking justice on behalf of those who suffer abuse and oppression in our world.
  • Human trafficking is the second largest and now the fastest growing crime in the world today.
  • A human body can be sold over and over and over again.
  • There are over 25 million people in slavery of human trafficking.
  • Our good intentions and our initial sense of passion can very easily become lost in the chaos of not being able to figure out what to do.
  • While we are uncertain on what to do, traffickers are very certain.
  • They are making tens of millions of dollars in the process.
  • But there is a game changer.
  • We’re working to change the equation of who gets a chance in this world and who doesn’t.
  • We work in partnership with the local police and rescue the victims, partner with churches and other organizations with long-term safety and vocational training, then we bring the perpetrators to justice, then watch what happens when the law starts to have affect on what criminals believe they think they can get away with or not.
  • We started project lantern. At the end of the 4 years of project lantern we saw hundreds of lives rescued from trafficking.
  • We also saw nearly 90 perpetrators brought to justice.
  • There had been 79% reduction of child sales.
  • What this means was that the leveraged effect got out to the rest of the traffickers. They knew that they would be caught.
  • Trafficking can actually be stopped and it is a crime that can be beat.
  • I want to challenge us today to consider that we are only at the beginning of this battle. We can not afford this movement to only be a passing fad.
  • How can you strategically use your creative expertise to end the modern-day slavery in our world?
  • If we want to build a movement together and actually make a difference then the movement needs to be grounded with deep roots. With clear compelling stories. And we are the story tellers. It is grounded in the Gospel.
  • We want you to consider helping us create vessels to communicate these stories on behalf of these suffering violence all over the world.

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