Evaluating Your Church’s Easter on Social Media

Easter is over. Take a deep breath. Okay, now keep reading. In ...

5 Ways to Be Encouraged Today

Alright. I’m feeling it. Are you? The craziness of Easter is starting ...

3 Ways to Avoid Spiritual Burnout as a Church Communicator at Easter

Let’s face it. If you’re a church communicator the next 10 days ...

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Church Social Media After Easter

I’ve been talking alot lately about the invitation strategy your church should be taking on social media during the Easter season. If you’re not getting aggressive about your social media invitation strategy for Easter this year, you’ve still got time to get started. Download my Easter Social Media Plan here. After you’ve got your Easter […]

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Are Facebook Ads Worth It For Your Church?

Is it worth it for a church to pay Facebook to get your posts boosted to reach more of their people? This is a question my wife asked me the other day as were driving home, and we were talking about social media for churches. It’s a valid question. Since resources are usually hard to […]

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Social Media Transforming Lives

Social media can be the first step in the process of someone’s life being completely transformed by the gospel. Here’s How Baptisms in our church are always some of my favorite times. They remind me that the work I do is not just tweeting and ‘Facebook-ing’, but it can be a step in the process […]

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Easter Social Media Plan [Free Download]

Easter is the biggest day for newcomers in your church. It’s a fact that across the world more people attend church on Easter Sunday than any other Sunday out of the year. The question you have to ask yourself is, are people going to visit your church? The reality is that you may lose potential […]

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The Easter Social Media Invitation

As a church communicator there is one day takes the majority of my attention between the months of January-April, and that day is Easter! In case you weren’t aware, there are a couple realities of this day that I think are important for us to think about as we plan our communication strategy during this […]

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Why A Private Social Network Matters For Your Church

I hope that when you think about social media in the church, your first thought is about relationships. If your first thought is ever about promotion then you need to stop and re-assess. And since your first thought should be about relationships, you have to consider that relationship both in a public setting (Facebook, Twitter, […]

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Church Social Media is Not Equal to A Stage Announcement

As Church Communicators I can think of many things we all have in common, but one that sticks out is the desire that our ministries have to get their event announced from the stage on a Sunday morning. Everyone thinks that a stage announcement is the end-all-be-all for promoting their event. In reality this is […]

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Facebook Changes for Your Church

Whether you’re just starting to use social media for your church or you’re a veteran you should know something…Facebook is a moving target. Yes, that’s right. When you use social media you need to be willing to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the social web. Don’t let this stop you from taking the leap […]

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The Best Way To Kill Your Church’s Social Media

I’ve been posting alot about content recently. And while content is what provides value for your church and your community through social media, it is not the foundation of your church’s social media presence. Content will not keep your church’s social media presence going in the long run. Relationships will keep your church’s social media […]

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Your Church’s Problem in Social Media

If I had to guess, one of your church’s biggest challenges isn’t what you actually think it is. Most people think that they don’t have enough content to have a consistent presence on social media. When in reality, it’s not a lack of content that is your church’s problem, but it is a lack of […]

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